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Updated – Mac Safari Plug-in for TruVision Recorders

Update 12/5/18: Interlogix has just released a Web Browser Technical Note that addresses the lack of ActiveX support in many current browsers, including Safari for MAC.  Here is a link to the note: TruVison Products Web Browser Access Technical Note-EN.  The bottom line is that for PCs the best option is to use TruVision Navigator software.  If you

Interlogix SDX-135Z : Technical Note

TECHNICAL NOTE:  Learning SDX-135Z smoke/freeze sensors on Interlogix panels The SDX-135Z smoke/freeze sensors transmit multiple tamper signals when removed from the base; this will have different results depending on the panel these are being learned into.The SDX-135Z smoke/freeze sensors send the smoke/heat sensor information first, followed by the freeze sensor information. Recommended process for learning

New Interlogix TruVision Activation Procedure

Interlogix is continually looking to strengthen the cyber security in their TruVision cameras and recorders.  Part of this effort has led them to require activation of their new products rather using the traditional default user name and password.  By eliminating the default user name and password completely, hackers are not able to use these in

Exporting Video Using TruVision Navigator 7.0

TruVision Navigator 7.0 Screen Shot

Exporting Video Once the typical video system is installed, most end users immediately login to their systems remotely to watch live video and see what is going on during random times at their home or business.  They are not thinking about needing to export video clips when they have an incident.  Inevitably, you will get this question from your customer

Interlogix TruVision IP – Updating Firmware

TruVision Cameras-Recorders

As with any IP/computer based products, Interlogix will occasionally release new firmware for their TruVision IP cameras and recorders.  Current firmware is available on the individual product pages of their website,  While updating firmware can seem daunting at times, walking through the steps for the TruVision devices is actually quite easy.  We have put

Add the Group One Online Store to your iPhone and/or iPad

The Group One Online Store is a responsive website so it looks good and is easy to work with, whether you are at your computer in your office, on a laptop, on a tablet, or even on the road using your phone. I find it is much easier to tap an icon on your home screen (like