New Products

Router Upgrade Using the Luxul XWR-3150

With more and more people home these days, many of you (and your customers) may be finding their connection speeds suffering. Whether it’s kids participating in online school or parents working from home, everyone’s home network is being worked as hard as ever. Maintenance of communications infrastructure is an essential service these days and you

Product of the Week: Sound Bar & Subwoofer

9/11-9/15 NuVo Sound Bar & Subwoofer The NuVo Sound Bar can play audio from a video source or can be used within the Player Portfolio system to access streaming services and audio content.  It can be easily controlled with included IR remotre, NuVo keypads, or using the NuVo Player app and can also integrate with

Product of the Week: 3M Hook & Loop Fastener

9/5-9/8 3M Hook & Loop Fastener The 3M woven nylon hook fastener provides great flexibility and fast product assembly. High performance rubber-based adhesive offers fast tack, strength and adheres to multiple surfaces. This pack is 1” x 14.7 feet and temperature resistant up to 120°. Works well for small jobs, storage and easy dispensing Woven

Product of the Week: IP Managed Power Distribution

IP managed power distribution

8/14-8/20 Altronix LINQ8PDCB – IP Managed Power Distribution This IP managed power distribution module facilitates monitoring, reporting and control of 8 outputs being fed by one or two low voltage AC or supervised DC power supply/chargers over the network. It also reports diagnostics via Email/SNMP notifications. THe LINQ8PDCB retrofits with most currently installed multi-output power

Interlogix – NEW TruVision IP Kits & Cameras

New TruVision IP Kits Interlogix is moving up! Your favorite reliable and lost cost 1.3 and 3MP cameras and kits have been upgraded to 2 and 4MP.  The new cameras still fit on existing back boxes and mounts to help make your installation clean and easy! We’ve made it easy to find your new kit

Interlogix Wireless Sensors

New Ecolink Sensors From Interlogix: Interlogix has refreshed many of their wireless transmitters for use with all Interlogix panels, including Networx, Concord 4, Simon XT/XT5, & Ultrasync. These new sensors offer an updated look as well as significantly lower pricing compared to earlier sensors.  Several of these sensors are also available in a Honeywell/2-GIG or