New Products

TruPortal V1.7.1 from Interlogix – Available Now

The latest firmware revision (v1.7.1) for Interlogix’ TruPortal line of IP accessible access control panels, is available now.  Two key added features include elevator control and TVRMobile integration.  You can now view the video associated with events on your phone or tablet. I updated the firmware for our TruPortal here at the office and using the Upgrade

Leviton S&A – Integrating Omni and BitWise

Leviton is proud to announce the integration of Omni security & automation systems into BitWise AV Controllers. Main Bullets: Omni Integration into BitWise Control Systems OmniTouch 7 graphical elements (icons) now available in “HTX” graphics package, allowing custom screens via BitWise Project Editor Intercom for BitWise systems (OmniTouch 7 to OmniTouch 7) Project Editor Software

Interlogix – New HD-TVI Line

NOW IN STOCK! Welcome the new HD-TVI line to TruVision! Interlogix welcomes the HD-TVI family to the TruVision line. These IR cameras are designed for stand-alone or integrated installations with up to 1080p over existing coaxial cable. Ideal for improving the video quality of an existing analog system, TruVision HD-TVI cameras are made to install

New Leviton – OmniTouch 7 Table Top Dislay

Leviton OmniTouch Display

NEW! LEVITON’S OMNITOUCH 7 TABLE TOP DISPLAY This table top display is great for board rooms, conference tables, bedside tables or home theaters. Designed for mounting the OmniTouch 7, Leviton’s new table top display features rubberized feet for shock absorption and a skid-free application. Dimensions: Length – 8.75″ Width – 6.375″ Depth – 5.25″ For

L.H. Dottie – Now In Stock!

Welcome L.H. Dottie to the Group One shelves! Dottie has a wide selection of kits and hardware now available at Group One, including: Screw Kits Screwdrivers Romex Staples Drill Bits Toggle Kits Anchor Kits And More! For more information, visit the Dottie Website or stop by Group One.

Interlogix – TouchScreen Keypad – NX-1820E – Now in Stock!

Interlogix NetworX Touch Screen Keypad NX-1820E Group One

Interlogix is pleased to introduce three new styles of keypads for the NetworX security and life safety system.   New keypad varieties include:    Touch Screen version featuring an intuitive icon-based interface with color coded status bar – NX-1820E Now In Stock Advanced Touch LED version with integrated intercom Voice Navigation version that provides audible