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Lutron Tech Tips – Copy/Paste in myProjects

May 5, 2020 Tech Tips by Erik Wickstrom from Market Share Copy/Paste in myProjects Did you know that myProjects has a copy & paste feature? This makes it easier to duplicate shades and other products between areas. First, check the box next to the item you want to copy, or check the box in the

Lutron Tech Tips – Measuring Roller Shade Height

March 31, 2020 Tech Tips by Erik Wickstrom from Market Share Measuring Roller Shade Height How should you be measuring height for shades, exactly?We measure them from top of the mounting hardware to the bottom of the hembar, when closed. For an inside mount, this is easy. Top of the window frame to the bottom. For an

Lutron Tech Tips – Lutron LED + PRO Dimmer

March 24th, 2020 Tech Tips by Erik Wickstrom from Market Share Lutron LED+ PRO dimmer After speaking to several installers experiencing issues on site, I feel the need to reiterate some important points from my previous LED+ tech tip about phase selection, as well as add some clarification.  The majority of the time, you’ll be

Lutron Tech Tips – Two shades, One wire

February 25, 2020 Tech Tips by Erik Wickstrom from Market Share Two shades, One wire Sivoia QS There are a few rules for doubling-up shades on one wire and one power supply output. The criteria depend on wire length vs gauge, as well as fabric size vs drive. See the chart below for all the

HikVision Remote Access

Download PDF Version Register your end user for a Hik-Connect Account: hik-connect.com/register You must use either an email or cell phone number for activation. Hik-Connect will send a verification email or text to confirm, so make sure you have access to the phone number/email being used (text is very quick, email can take a bit