Exporting Video Using TruVision Navigator 7.0

TruVision Navigator 7.0 Screen Shot

Exporting Video

Once the typical video system is installed, most end users immediately login to their systems remotely to watch live video and see what is going on during random times at their home or business.  They are not thinking about needing to export video clips when they have an incident.  Inevitably, you will get this question from your customer months after your install and long after any customer training you provided has been forgotten about.  The good news is that exporting video using TruVision Navigator 7.0 (earlier versions will be very similar) is a fairly simple process once you have been walked through it. We have put together a video so you can see the process and walk your customer through it, or you can send them the link and they can learn directly.  This process will work with both the TruVision IP recorders as well as the TruVision HD-TVI recorders.

Converting to AVI

The video files that are exported are a .video format and are watermarked so that they can be used as evidence.  The watermark allows you to prove that the video has not be manipulated since it was recorded (no Photoshop).  Sometimes you might have reason to want the file in a more universally usable format, such as AVI.  You may want to use video clips from your business to highlight employee interactions for training videos to improve efficiencies or safety, you may want to post videos of criminal activity to public forums to help crowd source identification of suspects, or you may end up catching something funny on your security cameras and you want to go for the grand prize on America’s Funniest Videos or post the next viral sensation.  Whatever the reason, here are the steps for converting your exported video file into AVI.

First download the stand-alone TruVision Player.  This is an important step.  When you export video with TruVision Navigator a Player will be exported with the video, but it is a simple version and you need the one downloaded from Interlogix to convert files.  Here’s the link:

  • Unzip to a folder and run player.exe.
  • Click on the pulldown menu icon on the right side of the title bar, just to the left of the minimize button.
  • Select Tool and then select Convert.
  • Click on browse and select the Resource file.
  • Click on browse and designate the location and name for the Target file.
  • Click on the Convert button.

Let me know how this works for you or if you have any suggestions for other training videos.  Also, remember, Group One is your best source for all of your Interlogix TruVision needs.