Group One Interlogix Quickstart Guide TVN-11/TVN-22S

Interlogix Quickstart Guide for TVN-11/TVN-22S

This Interlogix quickstart guide was put together by Group One and is designed to help with the most common TVN-11 and TVN-22S installations. There are several menu items not mentioned here but you can get more information about those features from the full User Manual.  Also, if you are more visual learner you can check out our installation and programming video that shows some of these steps with a little more detail.  If you have other technical questions, please contact Interlogix technical support at (855)-286-8889.

STEP 1: Use Device Manage to activate the recorder (assigning it a password) and set the IP of the recorder to an address within the subnet of the premise.

TruVision Device Manager

STEP 2: Use Internet Explorer (or Firefox ESR52)(or Chrome with IETab extension) to login to the configuration page of the recorder.

  • Network Settings –Set your Preferred and Alternate DNS Servers (use any valid DNS server – Free Google Versions & – This is necessary for DDNS, NTP, & Push Notifications. Click “Save.”
  • Device Management/Time & Date Settings – Set the time & date and check Auto DST. Click “Save.”
  • Network Settings/NTP – Click Enable NTP. Click “Save.”

STEP 3: Plug the cameras into the POE ports on the back of the recorder (it is recommended to plug them into the ports on the back in order so that Camera 1 is in port 1, etc.  It will make it easier to troubleshoot later).

STEP 4: After the cameras come up online, with video, go back into configuration of the recorder and change each camera from Plug and Play to Manual – *IMPORTANT*

  • Camera Setup/IP Camera Status – Highlight the camera and click “Modify.”
  • Change the adding method to Manual, enter the password (newer cameras will have the same password as the recorder from the initial setup, older cameras may still have the default password 1234). Click “Ok”

STEP 5: Setup the recording parameters for each recording level.

  • Camera Setup/Camera Recording Setup – For each camera enter the values.
  • Values selected are – resolution (TL-Hi) and motion (event).
  • Make sure to click “Save.’

IP Camera Setup Screen

STEP 6: If you want to record on motion only (no time lapse) adjust the recording schedule (recording/recording schedule) to show all yellow (Event).

STEP 7: For every camera you want to use Motion to activate Event mode enable motion detection.

  • Camera Setup/Motion Detection – Click “Enable Motion Detection”, click “Start Draw” and drag mouse to setup motion area (red squares are where it is looking for motion). Click “Save.”

Motion Detection Screen

STEP 8: For every camera you want to use embedded analytics to activate Event mode (Cross Line, Intrusion Detection, etc.) enable VCA  (TVN-11 Only—TVN-10 programs in the camera).

  • VCA/ Cross Line Detection – Click “Enable Cross Line Detection”, Click “Start Draw” and drag mouse to create Cross Line, select directionality, Click “Save.”
  • In the Actions tab, click “Notify Alarm Host” to enable push notifications for this camera (VCA is more stable than Motion Detection and works better for push notifications, but walk testing line location and sensitivity is still recommended).

TruVision Mobile    TruVision Navigator Browser

STEP 9: Name the Cameras – Camera Setup/ Camera OSD – Name each camera you choose whether or not you want to name and/or time & date to display on the screen. Click “Save.”

STEP 10: Enable DDNS if you don’t have a static IP address – Network Settings/DDNS – Click “Enable DDNS”, type in a Host Name (start with a letter, only letters and numbers, no capitals, no symbols), click “Save” (not get URL). If the name is taken it will fail and you will need to select a different host name.

  • Use to access the recorder from offsite.

STEP 11: Log into the router on site and setup port forwarding for ports 80,8000,554 (these are the defaults and can be changed in the Network Settings of the recorder). Forward these ports to the same IPv4 address of the recorder.

Download a PDF version of this guide, HERE.

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