Group One Knowledge Center – Interlogix TruPortal

May 9, 2019

TruPortal Version 1.8 – Now Available

TruPortal version 1.8 is now available, click HERE to download. This latest software enhancement features a new one-time event scheduling option. This allows users to program a one-time event without disrupting an already established schedule.

Version 1.8 also provides facility code identification for unassigned credentials including cards and keyfobs. This feature simplifies the configuration process by providing users with the required facility code information needed for programming the new card format.

See the Release Note for a complete list of new features and capabilities on version 1.8. Full product information available on Interlogix’s website.

December 20, 2018

TruPortal Version 1.72.100 – Now Available

A new version of TruPortal is now available for download HERE (link has been disable due to more recent software release, see above version 1.8). Version 1.72.100 features Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS). Configuring DDNS within your TruPortal systems means users can now remotely access their system anywhere without having to manually enter an IP address.

This version also provides credential management integration with TruVision Navigator 8, allowing users to manage credentials from multiple locations within the TruVision Navigator software. See the
Release Notes for a complete list of features.