Group One Knowledge Center – Interlogix TruVision

July 22, 2019

TruVision Navigator 8.0 SP2 – Now with LDAP Server Support

Interlogix has released TruVision Navigator 8.0 SP2. This service pack now includes features like using an LDAP server for user authentication and recurring export for regulated industries requiring off-site redundant storage. The new service pack also addresses bug fixes.

To learn more and download the update, click HERE.

July 10, 2019

TruVision TVRMobile 3.1 – Released

TruVision TVRMobile 3.1 has been released, now with device discovery, thumbnail camera list, and more!

Users can view up to 16 cameras simultaneously in real-time, store live or recorded video directly to their mobile device, and play back recorded video as well.

New features include: device discovery, thumbnail camera list, 4-up playback, displaying of VCA overlays on screen, 360° camera de-warping and now multiple language support.

For additional information, click HERE.