HikVision Remote Access

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Register your end user for a Hik-Connect Account:


You must use either an email or cell phone number for activation. Hik-Connect will send a verification email or text to confirm, so make sure you have access to the phone number/email being used (text is very quick, email can take a bit through certain junk mail filters, etc.).

Add Devices to your account:

Once you have the Hik-Connect account registered, you need to add your device to the customer’s account.

Two options:
1. Login to your Hik-Connect account, go to Device Management, and click “Add” in the upper right corner and then enter the serial number of you NVR.

2. Open up your Hik-Conncet app on your phone, click the + in the top right to add a device. You can either scan the QR code on the screen from the HDMI output on the recorder, manually enter the serial number of the unit, or select the unit from the online devices list (if you are on the same local network).

Once the device has been added to the end user’s app they will be able to access the unit (don’t need port forwarding).

Sharing Devices:

The end user can swipe left on the device in their app and click on the share icon to invite the dealer to be able to view the device if they want the dealer to have access to assist in troubleshooting, etc.

Port Forwarding:

You don’t need port forwarding to view the devices on your app, you will need to setup port forwarding if you would like to access the units via the browser for remote configuration. The default ports to forward are 80 (web), 8000 (software/app), and 554 (video). These ports are customizable and can be changed to anything you want in network programming.

Setting up port forwarding also can help cut down on latency that occurs when all the connection to the device is run through the Hik-Connect cloud.

To access the unit via the browser, enter a Device Domain name in the “Edit Device Information” under your Hik-Connect account:

Then use that Device Domain name as the suffix to a Hik-Connect URL – www.hik-connect.com/group1demo. You will be asked to login to your Hik-Connect account for authorization before being asked to login to the recorder with the admin login.

Viewing Software:

HikVision has free viewing software (IVMS-4200) available for  download for both Windows and Mac. This is a more comprehensive way to view live video, review recordings, and export video. It also is the way to program and monitor the HikVision access control products.

By logging into your Hik-Connect account inside of IVMS-4200 you will have access to all of your shared devices, or you can manually add any sites you have a fixed IP address and port forwarding setup for.

*Note: When first accessing the video from those shared accounts you will also need to have the stream code to unlock the encryption on the video stream. The access key is setup in the device on initial setup.