Interlogix 319.5MHz Cross-Reference Guide

While Interlogix has ended production, we are pleased that a full suite of 319.5 MHz (Interlogix frequency) transmitters will be available well into the future for your existing systems as well as new installations.

  • Interlogix partnered with an OEM manufacturer for all TX-E series sensors. This manufacturer will continue to make, and Group One will continue to stock these.
  • Alula makes several wireless devices that are compatible with many panel manufactures, including Interlogix. They also make dual-path communicators for several panels as well as their own Connect+ panel with an optional translator board for 319.5 MHz transmitters.
  • Elk makes some 319.5 MHz sensors, including a heat detector and an outdoor gate contact/ transmitter.  Elk also has a 319.5MHz receiver for use with their M1system.

Even with Interlogix gone there are options to accommodate existing Interlogix 319.5MHz transmitters thus avoiding the expense of transmitter replacement.

The chart below gives you transmitter options. Please click on the chart to download a pdf copy.

Available replacements to Interlogix 319.5 sensors: