Interlogix Announcement

October 4, 2019

Update – In looking for replacements for the Interlogix product lines, we have begun onboarding the following vendors:

September 25, 2019

Update – Many people have reached out about specific products and services, Interlogix has created a FAQ to answer questions. Please click the link below to read the FAQ document.

Interlogix FAQ

September 23, 2019

With the recent news regarding Interlogix (see notice below) we want you to know that while this is a period of change, we are here to provide support and will have the right products for your business moving forward.

We will be evaluating options over the next few weeks and would appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to reach out if you have specific wants or needs for us to consider.

While this development has taken everyone by surprise, rest assured Group One will continue to support you and work to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible.

We will continue to update this blog as more information is available.

~ The Group One Team