Interlogix TruPortal 1.6 Now Available!

Interlogix TruPortal 1.6 Now Available!
The latest version of TruPortal provides new features ideal for protecting small to mid-size enterprises. TruPortal 1.6 is not only a cost-effective security solution, gives powerful functionality while easily accommodating future growth.

TruPortal Capture

TruPortal 1.6 includes:

  • Documented WEB API for 3rd party system integration
  • PIN-only functionality at readers
  • More ways to enroll a new badge for improved ease of use
  • Administrator password resets
  • The ability to disable certain wizards for faster navigation

TruPortal 1.6 is also supported by TruVision®video recorders (DVR 12, DVR 42, NVR 10 and NVR 21Plus), providing a faster setup by adding a generic TruVision recorder for the future releases.

For more information about the TruPortal 1.6 release, visit the TruPortal brand page on Interlogix.

Group One Demo

I have already updated our demo TruPortal up to version 1.6.  Interlogix has made the process easy by including an upgrade wizard in the downloadable zip file.  The whole process only took about 20 minutes.  With the addition of the new TruVision recorders to the supported video list you are able to do mega-pixel video integration at an incredibly competitive price.  We have two cameras integrated on our TruPortal so you can see what it looks like, feel free to stop by and ask for a demo.  If you want a more in depth walk through of TruPortal and/or TruVision, give us a call and setup an appointment and we will be happy to go through it with you.  ~Michael