TruPortal Certification Training – April 18th


Interlogix TruPortal(17)

This Interlogix TruPortal course will teach you everything you need to know to design, specify, install, and program the control system.

The course will cover: installation and programming, user operation, advanced integration and software management.

Course Details –
I. TruPortal Sytem Overview
System Specs, System Topology & PC/Browser Requirements
Hardware Specs
Connectivity and Best Practices

II. System Install & Programming
Discovery & Setup Utility
System Settings & Hardware Addressing
Configure Controller & Door Modules
IP Door Controller
Inputs/Output Configuration
Access Groups & Schedules
Person & Credentials

III. User Operation
System Monitoring
System Rports
System Back-Up/Restore
Import/Export Wizard

IV. Advanced Integration
3MILL Mobile Readers & Credentials
Configuring TruVision Video Devices for Integrated Access/Video

V. Software Management Options
TruPortal Mobile App Basics
TruVision Navigator – Advanced Integrated Management

VI. Question & Answer with Live Demonstration

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