Interlogix Wireless Sensors

New Ecolink Sensors From Interlogix:

Interlogix has refreshed many of their wireless transmitters for use with all Interlogix panels, including Networx, Concord 4, Simon XT/XT5, & Ultrasync.

These new sensors offer an updated look as well as significantly lower pricing compared to earlier sensors.  Several of these sensors are also available in a Honeywell/2-GIG or DSC version.

These new sensors are all now available from stock, ask to see them the next time you are in.

TX-E Series


Small Door/Window Sensor

OLD PART #: TX-1012-01-1 (Available in limited quantities)
OLD PART #: TX-1012-01-3 (Available in limited quantities)
OLD PART #: 60-688-95
OLD PART #: 60-688-11-95

The new TX-E201 sensors feature snap on, interchangeable covers (white and brown) and a thinner, slightly wider design.

TX-E201 (2-1)ILX_TX-E231-3T

* Also available for Honeywell/2-GIG panels (WST-212)  and DSC panels (WST-200).


Small Door/Window Sensor with External Contact Input

OLD PART #: TX-1010-01-1
OLD PART #: TX-1010-01-3

The new TX-E231 sensor features snap on, interchangeable covers (white and brown) and are smaller in size than previous TX-1010.

tx-e231 (1)ILX_TX-E231-3T


Wireless Recessed Door/Window Sensor

OLD PART #: 60-741-95
OLD PART #: TX-1510-01-1

The new TX-E221 recessed door/window sensor is lighter and shorter than the previous 60-741-95 and significantly smaller than the TX-1510 model. Replaceable battery.

TX-E221 (5-1)

* Also available for Honeywell/2-GIG panels (WST-222) and DSC panels (WST-220).


Wireless 4-Button Keyfob

OLD PART #: 600-1064-95R (Still available)
OLD PART #: 60-606-319.5
OLD PART #: TX-4014-01-2

The new TX-E101 keyfob is thinner with a chrome trim, for a more polished look.

TX-E101 (3-1)

* Also available for Honeywell/2-GIG panels (WST-102) and DSC panels (WST-100).


Wireless 2-Button Keyfob

OLD PART #: 60-607-319.5 (Still available)

This TX-E111 2-button keyfob features a smaller, rounded design.

TX-E111 (11)


Garage Door Tilt Sensor

OLD PART #: TX-8010-01-1


TX-E401 (6-1)

The TX-E401 mounts on the on top of any garage door, the sensor will transmit an open and close signal to the panel each time the garage door is opened or closed. If the garage door opens to a forty-five degree angle, the sensor goes into an alarm condition.

* Also available for Honeywell/2-GIG panels (WST-402) and DSC panels (WST-400)


Wireless Flood/Freeze Sensor

OLD PART #: 60-504-10-319.5 – Freeze (Still available)
OLD PART #: 60-742-95R – Freeze (Still available)
OLD PART #: 60-744-95R – Flood (Still available)


TX-E611 (7-1)

The TX-E611 combines freeze and flood sensors into one small, self-contained unit. Learned in as two different zones – one for freeze, one for flood.

* Available for Honeywell/2-GIG panels (WST-612).


Wireless Heat Detector & Wireless Heat/Freeze Detector

OLD PART #: 60-460-319.5

REPLACEMENT #: HDX-135 & HDX-135Z (Heat/Freeze)

HDX-135 (8-1)

The new wireless heat (HDX-135) and heat/freeze sensors (HD-135Z) are significantly smaller and less intrusive than the previous model.


Panic Button Wristwatch

OLD PART #: 60-906-95

REPLACEMENT #: TX-4200-01-2 (Black), TX-4200-01-1 (White)

TX-4200-01-1 (9-2)TX-4200-01-2 (9-1)