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Product of the Week: TruPortal Access Control

TruPortal Access Control

3/28-9/1 Interlogix TruPortal Access Control TruPortal offers an IP access control system integrated with the TruVision line of video products. This system is designed for small to medium sized commercial buildings and is easily installed and user friendly. Video can be viewed by browser, iPad app allows remote access and monitoring and the system can

TruPortal V1.7.1 from Interlogix – Available Now

The latest firmware revision (v1.7.1) for Interlogix’ TruPortal line of IP accessible access control panels, is available now.  Two key added features include elevator control and TVRMobile integration.  You can now view the video associated with events on your phone or tablet. I updated the firmware for our TruPortal here at the office and using the Upgrade