TruVision NVR 22 Recorder Firmware Update

An Interlogix firmware update is now available for any NVR 22 recorder within the series (ie. 22, 22S, 22P). Interlogix recommends that dealers with end-users that have NVR 22 recorders installed running firmware (v2.3a) be proactive in installing firmware (v2.3b) to resolve this issue. This is in an update addressing the NVR 22 Series recorder

Group One Interlogix Quickstart Guide TVN-11/TVN-22S

Interlogix Quickstart Guide for TVN-11/TVN-22S This Interlogix quickstart guide was put together by Group One and is designed to help with the most common TVN-11 and TVN-22S installations. There are several menu items not mentioned here but you can get more information about those features from the full User Manual.  Also, if you are more

Interlogix TruVision IP – Updating Firmware

TruVision Cameras-Recorders

As with any IP/computer based products, Interlogix will occasionally release new firmware for their TruVision IP cameras and recorders.  Current firmware is available on the individual product pages of their website,  While updating firmware can seem daunting at times, walking through the steps for the TruVision devices is actually quite easy.  We have put

Technical Note: Interlogix TruVision

Technical Note: Interlogix Cameras Dropping Out on a TVN10 This Technical Note relates to using the Interlogix TVN10 recorders with their new 2 & 4 MP cameras. Interlogix has been shipping their new Series 3 & 4 IP cameras (2 & 4MP) since November 2016.  If you have installed these new cameras on any of

TruPortal V1.7.1 from Interlogix – Available Now

The latest firmware revision (v1.7.1) for Interlogix’ TruPortal line of IP accessible access control panels, is available now.  Two key added features include elevator control and TVRMobile integration.  You can now view the video associated with events on your phone or tablet. I updated the firmware for our TruPortal here at the office and using the Upgrade