Technical Note

Updated – Mac Safari Plug-in for TruVision Recorders

Update 7/24/20: Interlogix has removed the plug-in from their website and when I reached out to tech support they informed me that because one of the recent iOS updates broke plug-in support they stopped supporting MAC. In theory, if you still have the plug-in somewhere you may still be able to use SeaMonkey but I

Technical Note: Interlogix TruPortal Mobile App

Technical Note: Interlogix TruPortal Mobile App It has come to the attention of Interlogix that some TruPortal® mobile  application users are experiencing difficulties when attempting to connect to their TruPortal systems. This is due to a compatibility issue between the new TruPortal mobile application v1.6 and the TruPortal v1.5 System Control Panel. Interlogix is working to