Exporting Video Using TruVision Navigator 7.0

TruVision Navigator 7.0 Screen Shot

Exporting Video Once the typical video system is installed, most end users immediately login to their systems remotely to watch live video and see what is going on during random times at their home or business.  They are not thinking about needing to export video clips when they have an incident.  Inevitably, you will get this question from your customer

Technical Note: Interlogix TruVision

Technical Note: Interlogix Cameras Dropping Out on a TVN10 This Technical Note relates to using the Interlogix TVN10 recorders with their new 2 & 4 MP cameras. Interlogix has been shipping their new Series 3 & 4 IP cameras (2 & 4MP) since November 2016.  If you have installed these new cameras on any of