Updated – Mac Safari Plug-in for TruVision Recorders

Update 7/24/20: Interlogix has removed the plug-in from their website and when I reached out to tech support they informed me that because one of the recent iOS updates broke plug-in support they stopped supporting MAC. In theory, if you still have the plug-in somewhere you may still be able to use SeaMonkey but I don’t have the plug-in any longer to try. If you have to have MAC support for your system you could change the recorder out to a HikVision NVR which will work with TruVision cameras and has a Mac version of their IVMS-4200 software.

Update 12/5/18: Interlogix has just released a Web Browser Technical Note that addresses the lack of ActiveX support in many current browsers, including Safari for MAC.  Here is a link to the note: TruVison Products Web Browser Access Technical Note-EN.  The bottom line is that for PCs the best option is to use TruVision Navigator software.  If you need to use a browser you will use Internet Explorer or Chrome with the IETab extension.  For MAC you will want to use the SeaMonkey browser along with loading the current MAC plug-in from the Interlogix site.

Update 10/1/18:  The newest update for the Safari browser for MAC (v12) has broken the TruVision compatability, even with the Safari Plug-In.  The Interlogix engineers are working on getting this fixed.  Until this gets fixed you can still access the cameras using the iOS app on your iPhone or iPad.

Update 9/28/18: There is now a version 3.0 as well which is used for the new TVN-11 and TVN-71.

Interlogix has updated their plug-in to allow you to access your favorite TruVision recorders from your Mac computers using the Safari browser.  This latest version (2.0) fixes an issue with viewing cameras above 2MP and allows you to use your Mac to setup motion detection zones.  See the below video for a tutorial on downloading and installing the latest plug-in but make sure to use the latest version rather than 1.0 that is shown in the video.

Bug fixes in this version

  • High resolution streams will be shown without shaking/flickering
  • Intelligent information of VCA events can be seen on the live view page.
  • Drawing a motion detection zone will be saved and motion will be detected in the dedicated zone(s).

Known limitations

  • Text In is not supported in this version.
  • The player download does not work for Mac. The player needs to be downloaded from the recorder directly via a USB stick.

Remember that in addition to accessing your cameras through a browser you can also use the TVRMobile app on most mobile devices and tablets and the TruVision Nav software for PCs.